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A Simply way to Clear the Mind

The Fire Element poses a specific property to transform whatever has to be altered.

Flames and Candlelight can easily create a state of trance if used combined with breathing and focusing techniques.

For the following technique we will use a flame from a candlelight to clear our minds.

You will need a simple candle and some incense stick, palo santo, sage or mugwort essential oil.

  • First burn the incense to introduce a more calming environment.

  • Then place the candle as close to eye level as possible. You may want to dim the lights of the room to easily focus on the flame of the candlelight

  • Sit comfortably at any easily crossed leg position and keep your back straight.

  • Relax your body by using Dirga Pranayama (breathing technique). Inhale slowly from your lower belly and bring your breath towards your chest and your neck. Exhale with no rush and bring your breathe out from your body by starting from your neck, your chest and then your lower belly.

  • You may want to take seven Dirga Pranayama breaths

  • Slowly bring your attention and just focus to the flame

  • Maybe your eyes will start to feel watery, remain focused at the flame

  • Continue by focusing your eyes at the flame of the candlelight for ten more minutes

  • With practice you may build up this technique up to 20-30minutes

After you finish this technique remain with your eyes closed for some more minutes.

May you carry this peaceful energy and feeling for the rest of your day!

Namaste 🙏



Elina Kourtali


Yoga Alliance USA

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Yoga is a Journey which connects you to the deepest part of Yourself. I started following this path twelve years ago. Travelling in Asia, was a milestone in my practice. For me Yoga is a way of life, it is beyond any posture (Asana), it is a daily Spiritual Ritual which is based on the ethical precepts of Yoga (the 8th limb yoga).

I believe in living a life full of Joy, Gratitude, and free of Judgement.

These feelings inform and guide my teaching and practice, which is focused on helping my students better connect to themselves and with their surroundings.

I offer private sessions and retreats, which are based on what I have tried before and what I truly believe that have the power to shift our energy towards Awareness ,Mindful Living, Universal Consciousness and the greatest power in the Universe, Love.

My Sessions include,

Prana Female Circle: Based on Embodiment techniques, of Yoga, Movement, Dance, Meditation, Divination and Rituals, according to Moon Phases.

AbunDance: 5 Elements Meditative, Intuitive Dance

Sound Healing: Relaxation Technique combined with Gong Sounds, Meditation Bowls & Steel Drum

Blissful Relaxation: Deep Relaxation technique based on the Satyananda Yoga Nidra and Himalaya systems

Prenatal Yoga: Prenatal techniques, and Inner connection with Embryos during


Women's Circles: Sharing Trusted Circles Open to all ages according to Moon Phases

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