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How to unblock your Energy

We all have been scared by emotions, events and other situations in Life.

Sometimes these scars haunt us like ghosts, sapping out our Light and dimming our potential Energy.

Hanging on to pain, resentment, anger and fear will keep us away from our own Self, our Truth and it's Sparkling Energy.

Letting go of whatever is not serving is always an easy thing to hear, but sometimes hard to achieve.

The first and most important thing in letting go, is Consciously accept who you are and what you feel.

Patanjali* states that there are 5 causes of suffering (5 Kleshas) including

*Avidya, ignorance

*Asmita, “I am-ness,” the limitation of the ego consciousness, or the ego sense

*Raga, attachment

*Dvesha, hatred

*Abhinivesha, fear

In relation to all the above comes the question of what can you do to come closer to Yourself and your inner Peace and how can you love Yourself unapologetically?

Movement of the physical Body, connecting with your Breathe, connecting with Earth, finding ways to Relax and Meditate are all ways to come closer to Yourself and unblock your Energy.

The time to start is Here-Now by Letting go of your Ghosts, and start Living your most Authentic Life.


Elina Kourtali,

RYT Yoga Alliance USA

Hellenic Yoga Assoc

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Swami Vivekananda (1978). Raja Yoga or Conquering the Internal Nature and the The Sutras of Patanjali. Translated in Greek by Giannis Maletas, 1991, Konidari Edition


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Meet Elina Kourtali


Yoga is a Journey which connects you to the deepest part of Yourself. I started following this path twelve years ago. Travelling in Asia, was a milestone in my practice. For me Yoga is a way of life, it is beyond any posture (Asana), it is a daily Spiritual Ritual which is based on the ethical precepts of Yoga (the 8th limb yoga).

I believe in living a life full of Joy, Gratitude, and free of Judgement.

These feelings inform and guide my teaching and practice, which is focused on helping my students better connect to themselves and with their surroundings.

I offer private sessions and retreats, which are based on what I have tried before and what I truly believe that have the power to shift our energy towards Awareness ,Mindful Living, Universal Consciousness and the greatest power in the Universe, Love.

My Sessions include,

Prana Female Circle: Based on Embodiment techniques, of Yoga, Movement, Dance, Meditation, Divination and Rituals, according to Moon Phases.

AbunDance: 5 Elements Meditative, Intuitive Dance

Sound Healing: Relaxation Technique combined with Gong Sounds, Meditation Bowls & Steel Drum

Blissful Relaxation: Deep Relaxation technique based on the Satyananda Yoga Nidra and Himalaya systems

Prenatal Yoga: Prenatal techniques, and Inner connection with Embryos during


Women's Circles: Sharing Trusted Circles Open to all ages according to Moon Phases

Please visit my Schedule below and Book Your Spot!


Elina Kourtali

RYT Yoga Alliance USA

Hellenic Yoga Association


Yoga, Meditation, Movement,

Sound Healing, AbunDance Rituals & Retreats




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Elina Kourtali

RYT Yoga Alliance USA

Hellenic Yoga Association